Czech Republic: § 1013 of Act 89/2012 Coll.(Civil Code)

(1) The owner shall refrain from anything that causes waste, water, smoke, dust, gas, odour, light, shadow, noise, shocks and other similar effects (immissions) to enter the land of another owner (neighbour) to an extent that is disproportionate to the local conditions and substantially restricts the normal use of the land; this also applies to the entry of animals. The direct introduction of immissions onto the land of another owner is prohibited, irrespective of the degree of such effects and the degree of nuisance to the neighbour, unless this is based on a specific legal ground.

EN 12464-2:2014 (outdoor work area lighting) in clause 4.5 – Disturbing light specifies the permissible maximum of disturbing light in outdoor lighting systems. It limits the light on objects, the luminance of luminaires, the proportion of overhead flux and the brightness in different environmental zones. This standard is referred to in the legislation.

ČSN 36 0459:2023 Limitation of undesirable effects of outdoor lighting. This standard should be referred to in the Building Act.

Slovakia: Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic on details of limit values of optical radiation and requirements for the objectification of optical radiation in the environment:

Slovenia: Regulation on limit values for environmental light pollution: https: //